26 June, 2012

Look at my pants!

Back again but just for a while because my exams are calling me! The new outfit post is one of my favourite and i hope you like it too, as much as i do! It's all about my printed pants that i adore! I combined it with a simple white tee, so my pants are the protagonist! I add some golden details, my "huge" necklace, some bracelets and a white headband! To make the outfit more comfortable, I wore my nude wedges and voilĂ ...!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts and don't forget to follow me at twitter, facebook for updates and bloglovin'! I hope that i will be back soon until then have fun! 

23 June, 2012

Walking down the street...

Hi everyone! Two days before, here in Greece, Video Mad Music awards presented the singers that we listened and loved more last year! I was there with Sakis and we had great time! Everything was very well-organised and the show was exciting! Many singers, show-men and women in gorgeous dresses! So, for the night i decided to wear my new white pants with great top with studs, black heels, mint clutch (i love this colour) and many rings!! By the way, thank you for wishing me "good luck", the presentation was really good (i was so nervous and full of stress!) and now i have to face a week in which i'll give my exams!
I'm waiting your lovely comments that always make my day! Have a nice weekend and lot of fun!

19 June, 2012

Shine in the "desert"...

Goodmorning!! The first outfit with flats is here!! I hope you had great time during the weekend! For me, the weekend was full of work for my project, that i'm going to represent it today(yes! I'm really nervous!)  but i managed to find some time to have fun with my friends last Saturday night! About the outfit, i'm wearing a maxi dress( i really think that a maxi dress is a must have!) in black colour paired with my silver sandals and to make the outfit more special. i added a silver headband and some rings! Usually, I pair my maxi dress with flats, i prefer more this combination that with heels! I really love these photos, the sun, the place, everything!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts! I have to go now... Project is calling! Wish me good luck guys!!

16 June, 2012

After the sunset...

The new outfit post is here! Sorry for not posting but Sakis had some problems and he wasn't feeling well and as you know, he is responsible for the setting of the post (Thank you my love!). Everything is ok now and so we are on! The outfit is based to my new blue dress from H&M , my nude wedges and some golden details that my ring and my earrings added! We had a nice walk with Sakis the other day but now i'm so stressed because i'm preparing a very important project at my college... so that's for now! Have a nice weekend and enjoy the lovely weather!

12 June, 2012

A smile on my face!

Goodmorning guys with my new outfit post! The weekend was full of work and i had no fun but i hope that soon i wll be under the sun at the beach, so that's why i'm smiling!! For the outfit i choose a grey pants, my fav black tee, (always necessary), my black heels, my pink purse ( my mother's gift for my last birthday) and the fluo pink statement necklace, that always makes the difference! Sakis and i had some drinks with friends yesterday and also we have photos for upcoming posts! So stay tuned! I hope you like the outfit and share your thoughts! As you know, you can follow me at twitter and like my facebook fan page for previews and updates!

08 June, 2012


Yesterday, Sakis and i had a romantic dinner, so i choose to wear a dress with heels, simple but suitable fot the occasion! I told you i'm addicted to pink colour! I bought this dress from H&M Paris last April, a gift- trip from my mother, because i wanted so badly to visit Disneyland (i'm still a kid!)! I love the fabric and the colour of the garment and of course the gold zipper at the back! I paired my dress with my nude heels, my pastel pink bag from a friend's boutique and a double finger ring and this is the result!! Excuse me for the quality of the photos, but the light didn't help and soon Sakis and i will buy a really much better camera! Which one do you use guys? Any suggestion? I hope you like the post and of course i'm waiting for your thoughts!

05 June, 2012

"B" for Blue Royal!

Having fun at the beach with my boyfriend, was really amazing! After having lunch, we walked across the beach and we decided to take some photos for the blog! Last Saturday, was a shopping day for me and i bought this maxi skirt in  blue royal (dedicated to my best friend Costas, that's his favourite colour!), a really must have for this season as the jean shirt! One of my "friends" during summer is my panama hat, so i paired it with this outfit! Also, i bought this pink neon necklace from Blanco and i really love it! Enjoy the post and let me know your thoughts!

03 June, 2012

In a pink and lime mood...

Here i am with the new outfit post! It's not really easy, this period for me, to publish more often post due to work and my college exams but i promise that very soon i will post daily! I would like to thank you again for your support and your comments, make me feel so excited and happy! My new outfit is based to a combination that i really love, yellow and pink, paired with my favourite pair of shoes! A friend of mine told me that they are like smarties and after that i call them my "smarties" heels! I think it's a very "summer" look, suitable for a night with friends! Since yesterday, you can find me at Chictopia too, by clicking the badge at the right side of the blog! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts and of course we can communicate in every way!

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