27 September, 2012

Rock attitude!

As i promised here it is the outfit that i wore at the first #DFBI Athens, which took place at a very new place which called "Synergy Project" and it's a coworking place! There i had the chance to meet other bloggers who have the same passion with me, fashion! I really enjoyed the project and i think that it  was really useful for me, as a new blogger! Unfortunately, Sakis didn't make it and he wasn't with me... For the outfit now, this skirt is my new addiction, i love the colour and the fabric! I paired it with my new top with golden studs, my boots, bracelets and rings and... my rock outfit is here!!! I hope you like this outfit too, because it's one of my fav!!

P.s Yes, i changed my hair colour, a little bit!

25 September, 2012

The colours of the sunset...

Hey guys! I miss you so much, sorry for not posting these days but i was working all the time and i had no time... Last week was the #DFBI Athens where i had the chance to meet other Greek fashion bloggers and we had great time, but i'll talk about this at the next post in which you'll se my outfit for this event! These photos are from my walk with Sakis at Sounio, under the ╬Łeptune's temple! I love the colours of the sky during the sunset, don't you? My outfit was simple enough with my blue jeans, my sheer shirt, my light pink ballerinas' flats and my huge and beloved purple bag! The photos with Sakis and i are my favorite ones! Your thoughts and your comments always make my day, so i'm waiting for them!

14 September, 2012

Burgundy love...

New post is here with one of my fav trends for this season the burgundy colour on my pants! I really love this colour, especially for fall, so does Sakis! I paired it with my mum's shirt(it has horses on it!!), my wedges and my LV bag! I would like to thank you once again for your lovely comments! This means the world to me!
Next week is FNO here in Athens, so i'm so happy that i will meet some of you  at the events that will take part around the city! Also, i'm so happy because this Sunday I'm going to meet other greek bloggers at the first fashion business ideas event in Athens, so... I can't wait! Which of you greek fashion bloggers is going to be there? Let me know! And don't forget to tell me your experiences from the FNO of your country!

10 September, 2012

Two for one!

Goodmorning!!  I'm so excited because last week I was invited to participate in a new project, called "fashion bloggers' map" where you can find one blogger from every city or country and I represent Athens, Greece at this so cool map! You can visit the map from the banner at the blog and you can be part of it by contacting Chiara, the founder of this map! Now, about this post...! The other day i had the idea to show you two ways to wear a pair of grey jeans for a walk during the day and one outfit suitable for coctails during the night... And this is the result! For the casual outfit i choose my simple tee with military details and my silver sandals and some rings but for the "night" outfit i choose the same , of course pair of jeans, but paired with my simple tees, my fav black vest, highheels in black and brown and my skulls' bracelet! I really like the result of this post and i would love to know your thoughts about it and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one at the blog! I always appreciate your thoughts and comments!

P.s Thank you Chiara and don't forget to visit the fashion bloggers' map!!

03 September, 2012

Paro's diary #2

As i told you in the prevous post, the photos were taken during day1 and 2, so these are the photos from the last two days at beautiful island of Paros where Sakis and i had amazing time! We relaxed so many hours under the sun, we walked at Parikia and Naousa, we participated at a tradional celebration at Naousa, called "The Pirates' Night" and of course we enjoyed delicious coctails and danced a lot! I miss Paros...Now, I'm here, in Athens, i have to study for my exams but i'm not in a mood...I hope you enjoy this photo diary too. I'll be back soon with new special outfit post!

P.s Be ready girls for FNO!

01 September, 2012

Paro's diary #1

Goodmorning!! Today i will show you something different, not an outfit post but the first part of photos from my holidays at Paros(day 1 and 2!). I already feel that i want to go back there!! Also in these photos you can see the outfits that i choosed for my walks there! I hope you like this post too and sorry for the tons of photos but we couldn't choose less photos than these!!

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