30 November, 2012

H&M Spring Preview!

The other day, i was invited by H&M to take a look at the new collection for Spring that is going to be at the stores at February! The new collection brings the bohemian style to the 21st century! New fabrics, silk, leather, fringes and details that make the clothes so special! Sport and relaxed shapes that make you feel sexy and classy at the same time! One of my favoutite item is this leather jacket with the details at the shoulders! You can also find so many clothes for men too in new colours and modern shapes! Don't forget  that the accessories add a special touch to your outfits and that's why the new collection offer us a line of accessories too! At these pictures you can find some of my bloggers-friends (Style-limelight, Fashion reactor and Talking about f) i had the chance to meet them and had great time! What is your favourite item??

29 November, 2012



Hey guys! I would like to thank you for your participation to our first Giveaway in collaboration with Glambition bracelets by Eleftheria Papadaki! This video is about the selection of the winners, who are:

So, i'm going to contact you these days to send you the bracelets! 

Follow your dreams...


My army jacket!

This time i decided to show you an other trend, the camo jacket! This one is the original camo jacket that they use to wear at the army (yes, it's Saki's and i stole it from him!). I paired it with my semi leather pants, a burgundy tee that i studded it, my new beannie and my black boots!! You can see so many bloggers wearing a camo jacket in different ways, so I propose you to give a chance to camo jacket or a tee, if you are not sure, you are going to love it! This time i'm going to choose the winners of the giveaway and i will announce them today or maybe tomorrow! An other post is also on the way! Thank you for your lovely comments and i'm waiting your thoughts about this outfit!

27 November, 2012


Bows... As a child, i used to love them and as an adult i love them too! They add a girly touch to our outfits and they remind us our childhood! I found the other day, a photo about how to create this bun and i really like the result! The bag is a new in to my wardrobe, as you can see! Not so much to say today, cause i 'm really in hurry! As always, i wait for your thoughts!!

20 November, 2012

Pink, pink and pink!

New outfit post with my last buy from H&M, the pants from the Lana's collection! It was love at first sight and i bought it immediately! I just paired it with my denim shirt and a coat from Asos, that Sakis bought me last year for my nameday and my nude heels! So pink, pink and pink everywhere! In this post, also i wear one of the bracelets that you can win on our first GIVEAWAY from the Glambition collection! So, hurry up!! I always love to read your comments and this time i'm really waiting for them!

16 November, 2012

Last moments of the Fall...

Hey guys! Finally it's cold here in Greece and i can wear my favourite sweater from H&M, that talented Lana del Ray wore in the last campaign of the company! It was hard to find it cause it was sold out in every store in Athens and the other day that i was shopping in a store, asked desperately an assistant if there was any sweater of that and he smiled me and guided me to this fluffy treasure!! It was love at first sight and that's me wearing it with my blue pants and my oxford shoes! It was so warm and i can't wait to wear it again and again! I would like to thank you so much for your kind comments and your support once again!

P.s Don't forget our first GIVEAWAY and take the chance to win one of the two sets of Glambition Bracelets!

14 November, 2012

Fashionfreax.net - Interview

Some days ago, i was contacted by Fashionfreax, a site where you can post your looks and also get inspired by other bloggers and fashion lovers and they asked me to answer in some questions about the blog and my preferences because Chic of you is the "blog of the week" (yuppieeeee) - yes i did jump around as a child!!! I can't describe you how ecxcited i felt (and Sakis, of course!) about that! So, you can find and read my interview at Fashionfreax's blog here and of course you can create your own page and follow me! Thank you once again Fashionfreax for making me so happy by choosing our blog as blog of the week!

Follow your dreams...


Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

Goodmorning!!! Sakis and i were invited to the preview party that H&M organised yesterday for the new collaboration with the Maison Martin Margiela, which took place at the biggest store of H&M in the centre of Athens! As you can see, many fashion lovers were there to catch something from the -unexpected- for me collaboration! Everything was great! Coctails and a fantastic performance from famous Greek singer Tamta! Unfortunately, i didn't buy what i desired -i wasn't fast enough to catch the "gum" clutch that i really really wanted but it's ok- i bought some other pieces from the basic collection of H&M!
I really had great time because as a new blogger, i had the chance to meet others f.bloggers that i follow and have a little chat!
I would like to thank H&M for giving us the opportunity to make ours, pieces from famous designers and maisons in lower prices and affortable for all the budgets!

P.s Don't forget to enter to our first GIVEAWAY and make yours the Glambition bracelets!!

12 November, 2012

★ 1rst GIVEAWAY - Glambition bracelets ★

Chic of You's first GIVEAWAY is here!!!

We decided to organise this giveaway because the readers of Chic of You are more than 100 and i feel that i want to thank you for that, so we give you the chance to win one of the two sets of bracelets from Glambition Accessories, the bracelets that you have seen me to wear in so many posts and many other girls love to wear! Eleftheria Papadaki is the person behind Glambition bracelets, a young and a very creative girl, who make us happy with her colourful and  so chic creations! She creates every day new designs and you can find them at her facebook page! For orders, you can contact her at her mail!
Now, you have 4 steps to get closer to these beautiful sets of bracelets:

08 November, 2012

A walk by the sea...

Goodmorning guys! A new outfit post is here... Yesterday Sakis and I had a walk near the sea. Both we didn't work so it was a chance to spend a relaxed and cosy morning with the smell of the good coffee and great view! As you can see, the weather is still good and warm so i needed just a pink-white-black(!) jacket to complete my total black outfit! My accessories are new (my clutch and necklace), I bought them the other day while my friend Vasia and i were shopping at the mall. I really think that a special bracelet or necklace can change the whole outfit, so i love to buy little treasures like it! I hope you like this post too and you know that i'm waiting your thoughts!

P.s Finally, today is a little bit colder than yesterday!

01 November, 2012

My new leo obsession!

Goodmorning guys!! The new outfit post is all about my new obsession, my leo pants, that i bought from H&M two weeks ago! It's a very special item that many of you are afraid of wearing it or just trying it but it is safe enough if you match it with black or grey, in my situation! I prefered to buy a leo denim because i think that fits in the body better than leggins! Till this morning that i'm writing this post, the weather was great in Greece, so that's why i don't wear heavy clothes... I suggest you to go for something leo this season, maybe a scarf for those who aren't so sure and for a pair of pants or a shirt for those who love this trend! Also, in this post i use my favourite, new lipstick from Sephora in this red, dark colour that i love to wear! I hope that you'll enjoy these photos as much i do!

P.s: Sweet November is here... One more month close to my fav Christmas!!!

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