25 September, 2013


Finally a new outfit post is here and it's time for Chic Of You to make a come back! This sweater was on my wish list and I managed to find it on sales! The trousers are on a hot red colour that i really like!  So i tried them together, i added some golden jewels! The result? A simple combination for an easy going outfit for this season at Greece! I always wait for your thoughts! 

29 August, 2013

Number "86"

Hello guys! It's really hard to post more frequently during summer in Greece and to be honest it wasn't a really easy going summer for me but now, I'm ok! So "numbers" are the new big trend and you have to investigate to one top, for sure! I prefered the black edition but I think that I will go for others, too! The sneakers are new ins and they are gift for my birthday! A simple, casual black and white outfit with a touch of leo to make it a little bit more special! Enjoy the post guys and let me know your thoughts!

13 August, 2013

Paisley Trend!

Hello guys with a new outfit post in the mens' section! I bought this pair of shorts with paisley that Jenny found for me during the sales period from Zara as the patterns are a trend for men too and she insisted to buy it. It wasn't difficult to pair it, so I kept the rest of the outfit in basic tones, especially white and a touch of brown and I created an easy going outfit for summer. Enjoy the new post and have a great rest of summer!

07 August, 2013

The power of the flowers!

New outfit post finally on the blog with two of my new ins! This pencil skirt full of flowers and my new black wedges, both of them from Zara! I kept simple the rest of the outfit and I gave space to the skirt to shine! As you can see, I changed a little bit my hair and I followed the ombre trend that i really love! I hope that you will enjoy my new outfit post and I will back with a new one soon!

01 August, 2013

Sales Treasures!

Thanks God it's sales time! These are my new ins since my last visit to the shops! Finally, I got my hands on these white oxford style shoes and I couldn't resist to follow the "dot" trend, so I bought these t-shirts form H&M and Zara. 

Simplicity is the key


04 July, 2013

Glambition Jewels giveaway Winners!!!

We would like to thank you for your participation at our giveaway and your lovely comments!
It's time to announce the two lucky winners of these goodies 
that Eleutheria Papadaki from Glambition Jewels offered!

13 June, 2013

Inspiration Time: "Black & White"

Hello guys! This is a black and white inspiration post as you can see! 
These photos caught my attention last week as I am a big fan of black and white combination! 
Its always classic and safe to go on b&w so I suggest to try it on!

P.S: Don't forget Jenny's Giveaway!

12 June, 2013

Golden colours...

Good morning guys! We are back with a new outfit post! This pair of jeans is a new in from H&M's collection which is called "The new icons" and I'm in love with its pattern and colours! It is so easy to combine it and I suggest you to buy a patterned pair of jeans for this summer! My shirt is also new and I love to wear it all the time! As you can see, I combined them with my fav pair of brown boots and my transparent clutch! I really like the colours of the sunset in these photos and I hope you will enjoy this post too!

Don't forget to take part to our anniversary giveaway to win Glambition goodies!

10 June, 2013

Featured on Faysbook.gr!

Thank you Fay's book for the feature at the Pink Sands' event!

Follow your dreams...


Hydra Match by Garnier Video!


Some days ago, I had the chance to take part at a video made by Garnier for the Hydra match cremes which was organised by Mirror magazine! Three other bloggers and I, tried these new products and we were really excited of the quality and the result! It was a great experience as the video was recorded at Astir beach! You can try the Hydra match cremes which are available in 4 editions for every type of skin in a so affordable price! I recommend you the blue one for normal type of skin!

Follow your dreams...


06 June, 2013

★ Anniversary GIVEAWAY by Glambition Jewels! ★

I told you that a GIVEAWAY is coming and as I promised is here! My lovely friend Eleftheria Papadaki from Glambition Jewels has created a tee collection and now you have the chance to win one of them! Also, this special bracelet in this bright orange colour is for you guys! We created this giveaway to thank you for your support this year and to celebrate our first anniversary! The winners will be two of you and you can take part till Sunday 16th! So these are the steps to come closer to these goodies:

04 June, 2013

One year "Chic Of you" !

It's been a while since our last post but it was a month full of work... This post is a celebration post! Chic of You is one year old and i can't believe that a year ago Sakis and I created this fashion blog to share with you some of our inspiration and our love for fashion. In this year, we met so many people that they have the same passion with us, we made some new friends and we recieved your love through your messages and your comments. We would like to thank you so much for your support and your love that you showed us during this year, so THANK YOU! We hope that the upcoming year will be full of surprises, new adventures and exciting moment! We swear that we will publish posts more often (our main goal) and we will give our best to make this blog better every day! To make this real, we need your thoughts and your suggestions!
We hope that you will enjoy this post and stay tuned because a "thank you" giveaway is coming for you guys!  

02 May, 2013

Keep it... Pois!

Hello guys! New post with one new entry to my wardrobe, this shirt is from this amazing site (ahaishopping.com) in a so affordable price! Pois is one of the trends for this season and I decided to buy something classic in black and white! To keep it simple and give to the shirt more space, I paired it with my black leather shorts and white wedges in a sporty edition! Transparent clutches were in every catwalk for Spring and Summer and at Zara, you can find a cheap edition of this kind of bag! It's quite funny that everyone can see what you have inside your bag! I just also wore two golden bracelets to add some "shine" to the look! I hope you will like the result of this combination and I'm here to read your thoughts!!! 

25 April, 2013

"Denim my day!"

I told you that a new outfit post is coming, featuring one of my fav and so classic brand, Levi's! Some days ago, I was invited at the showroom of the brand to take a look at the Spring-Summer collection! To be honest, i was surprised as the new collection is so feminine without losing the denim character of Levi's! Bright colors such as mint, orange and pink, florals and sheer fabrics were included at this new collection! Soon, I will post some of my fav pieces for Spring-Summer collection for you, my ladies and for your men too!
Now, about this outfit, this denim dress, yes, it's a dress, was one of the gifts that Levi's offered me and I couldn't be happier as it's perfect for Spring and you can wear it all day! For a walk with flats or for a drink with heels! So for this post, I paired it with my fuchsia heels and my lunch bag! My necklace is from Lifelikes and you can find it at their fan page at Facebook!
I hope you will like this outfit too and as always don't hesitate to leave your comment!

23 April, 2013

Featured on MissBloom!

Hey guys!!! The other day, I was so happy because one of the biggest greek portals Miss Bloom included one of my outfit for an article about greek bloggers! I felt so excited and i wanted to share it with you!

Stay tuned, new outfit post is coming and a surprise for you!!!

Follow your dreams...


15 April, 2013

Emerald Elegance

Hello from me again! This is my first outfit post and I feel so excited and happy about it! In this post I combined my black pants with a dark green monochrome t-shirt and I also wore a white t-shirt from inside to make the outfit more casual! My opinion is that monochrome t-shirs are always a good option when you have to dress quickly and elegantly and they fit so well into an everyday outfit or in a more posh look! The choice is yours just be creative and use your imagination! Plus, I matched my suede gray shoes with a  gray blazer, a black belt that I spiked it yesterday and a ring-necklace that I just bought  from H&M!
I hope you like my debut post and my inspiration and I m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and your comments about it!

11 April, 2013

Our experience at Fashion Room Service!

Good morning guys! I'm in a really good mood today cause the days are getting sunnier and sunnier! So today, I will show you some photos from the event which was organized by OZON mag, the Fashion Room Service XL version, which took place at Fresh hotel at the centre of Athens! So many Greek and talented designers were there to show us some pieces of their new collections for Spring and Summer! The event was a funny experience as in every room, there was a different designer with his/her creations! The rooms were decorated in the mood and the style of every designer! We had the chance to meet and talk with many young and talented designers about the new collections that impressed us! I think that I have to do some serious shopping! The Lancome make up artists were kind enough to fix our make up and look fabulous at the event (photo at fan page at facebook)! Also, a party took place at the roof garden of the hotel, full of fashionable people and Absolute Vodka was there to treat us with some coctails!! At the following photos, you can see some details of the rooms and some pieces that stole Saki's and mine heart!
Some of the designers were Rippedcotton (the YSL tee and the adobe illustrator one!), Mimica Ciboyianni (the amazing earrings!), de.bour (the transparent heels and the espadrilles!), Lucky pig (the special cropped top!), Displexia (the bags and the necklace made by plexiglass!), Deep Shallow Exposition( the handmade and Greek sunglasses!), Clic Jewels and the new cult (the shirt with the special back and the colourfull heels and bags!), Koolfly, ΣΟΜΦ (the grey sweater and the black and solmon shirt!), Ippolito (the pastel bags!) and so many others...!!!

P.s Sorry guys for the huge post and the tons of photos!!!

02 April, 2013

Stripe me up!

Hey guys! I'm back with a brand new outfit post and if you ask me, I think that is one of my fav till now! I have this sold out blazer couple of months but I haven't showed it to you, but time has come! Bag and shoes are new ins! My bag is all about black and white and plastic ! The "black and white" trend was part of every collection for Spring and Summer! You can choose something of this trend such as pants, shirts, bags or shoes!
I'm waiting for your thoughts about this outfit!!!

26 March, 2013


Good morning! These days were really hard for me cause i was sick and i had fever for 3 days but now, i'm getting better and i want to share with you my last outfit! The weather wasn't so good the last days, so i was back in dark colours! I  wore my black, skinny pair of jeans with a simple tee, a plaid shirt, black boots with golden studs and dark lips! As you can see, I couldn't resist to the last trend with the lunch bag that I found at Zara and I bought it immediately! I was feeling really comfort in this outfit and i think that you can try it for day and night too!
You can, also check Saki's last inspirational post for blazers for your handsome boyfriends!

23 March, 2013

My "wanties" for this Spring!

Hello guys! Today, I decided to show you some of the stuff that they caught my attention for this Spring! As you can see, black and white is a huge trend and I admit it that I'm a fan! You can find these goodies at next links!

Sweatshirt: HERE, pants: HERE, tee: HERE, bangle: HERE, rings: HERE
bag: HERE, shoes: HERE

Follow your dreams...


22 March, 2013

Inspiration Time: "Blazers"

This is an inspiration post dedicated to Blazers, that every man should have in his closet 
and constitutes a key-garment for the winter and summer!

17 March, 2013

Spring in black&white!

Spring is here and I celebrate it with my new trousers with flowers in black and white, that I bought from the new store of H&M at Kolonaki. I love its shape and I paired it with my white see-through shirt and black boots.
I really advice you to buy something in floral pattern for this season and pair it with something quite to create a chic and safe outfit. My sunglasses are also new and they are from H&M, too!
Enjoy the new outfit post and tell me your opinion!

14 March, 2013

Nike Air Max reinvented celebration!

Yesterday was a lovely night because we were invited to celebrate the Nike Air Max reinvention at K44 and at Ministry of Concrete, a sneakers' boutique at Gazi! Sakis and i would like to thank Nike Greece for this exciting party! We had the chance to learn about the history of Air Max shoes which were appeared at 1990 and changed during the years. Nike redesigns the same vintage shoes in a new version,more fresh and fashionable which had already become a statement pair of shoes for many bloggers in the world, who love to pair them in different outfits for day and night and wear them everywhere,not only for running or for gym! You can find them in so many colours and combinations and i'm sure that you can find the suitable pair for you in this new collection!
Furthermore, it was a great night with bloggers-friends, laughing and drinks! Stylelimelight, fashion reactor and limonspective were our company this fabulous night! I really enjoy the fact that lately I had some chances to meet some of my fav Greek bloggers and come closer!

Thank you Nike Greece!

12 March, 2013

H&M opening!

Goodmorning guys! Great news for us who live in Athens, as a new H&M store has opened  its doors at Skoufa 18, Kolonaki. I was there with friends-bloggers to celebrate this opening! In this store, you can find clothes from the Trend collection, fashion for men and lingerie for you ladies! It was a really nice day, as i had the chance to meet my girls, to enjoy the shopping because we were at the first 100 clients and we got a 10euros gift card. So guys, enjoy our photos and visit the store for some shopping to welcome Spring!

P.S New post for men at  mens' flair section!

Khaki is the new Black!

1. Sweatshirt: www.topman.com Direct link
2. Shirt: www.newlook.com | Direct link
3. Necklace: www.usc.co.uk | Direct link
4. Watch: www.jabong.com Direct link 
5. Chino: www.asos.com Direct link 

Simplicity is the key


08 March, 2013

Vote for me @ minoutfit!

Good morning guys! I woke up in a great mood as you can see I'm in the first place for today at the www.minoutfit.se! I need your support and your vote to stay there!! 

Follow your dreams...


06 March, 2013

Mens' flair is ON!

After some months working on Chic of you, we decided and we really worked about this project, to add a new section on our blog. So now, there is "Womens' affair" part for fashionable ladies and "Mens' flair" part for handsome gentlemen ang together they are CHIC OF YOU! But for more details, Sakis is responsible for that, so keep on reading and discover our new and improved f-blog!

Follow your dreams


I used to be behind the photoshoots of Jenny's, the designing of blog and I was also a guest on some posts, but as lover of fashion too I found a different way and more close to me to become a really active member of this blog! My new column called "Mens' flair" it would be a mixture of products and some ideas for outfits witch you can find at online shops and not only!
I hope to support this section too that we are launching today in our new and fresh blog!

Simplicity is the key


3. T-Shirt: www.asos.com | Direct link
4. Leather Belt: www.hm.com | Direct link 

Red lipstick & sparkles!

As you can see, there are many new things on our blog. First of all, now you can find my posts and outfits on the section called "Womens' Affair" which is part of our renewed Chic of you! I would  also  love to intoduce you the new way that we will present to you the outfit posts. It will be a more creative way that it will transfer you in an atmospheric mood! We really searched a lot and we are ready to show you the result of our work! I' m looking forward to reading your thoughts about it!
This outfit is really casual and I wear my leather leggings in black colour, my old school sparkled all stars and khaki jacket. A red lipstick can add colour to your look and make you feel more feminine!
My special earrings, the crossed ones and my bracelet are special creations of a young designer who is behind the label Regalis. Between her creations, you can find different style of jewels, more rock or more girly for you who you are fans of the romantic mood. There is also a huge variety of rings and bracelets, some of them you will be able to see them here!
Thank you Ioanna for sending me these goodies! And don't forget to take a look immediately at her fanpage to discover pieces of her collection for Spring and Summer!
This is our new start and i hope that you will be part of our journey! Take fashionable ideas for your handsome men at mens' flair!

23 February, 2013

4 years of Sakis and Jenny!

Today I want to share with you something really special for me! Sakis and I are celebrating our fourth anniversary and I'm so excited about that! I feel really proud of us because we have faced many difficulties but we were strong enough to pass through and now we are here to celebrate this day! I would like to thank Sakis from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive (I know that you read now this post and you are blushing) but I would love to know that I really appreciate everything he does! So I leave you today with some photos of us and at the last two photos you can see what we are wearing today and now i'm off to spend my day with Sakis!

P.S: This is my first post of my iPad mini, Saki's gift for this day!

19 February, 2013

Just casual me!

Back with a casual outfit that i wore for spending my day with Sakis! Khaki and camo were two of the trends of this season and many bloggers are fans! I have seen the khaki shirt, the camo pants and the tees in so many versions, i prefered the pants in skinny shape! A simple tee and a touch of a very special necklace give to my outfit some luxury! I really love this necklace with fringes and the golden chain that my lovely Eleftheria Papadaki has created! In her last collection, you can find many new pieces and these necklaces can really transform your whole outfit! So i think that you have to investigate to some statement necklaces, because it's a really easy way to pair it with a simple tee when you have no idea what to wear!I really want to be back for sure and show you more often my outfits and this what i'm going to try, so i'll be back very soon!

P.S.: Yes, the cupcakes were so yummmmmmie!!!

08 February, 2013

Pray for Anna!

Hey guys! New post is here with some of my new ins! These days were really hard for me but i hope that everything will be ok now! About my new outfit, I bought the other day this t-shirt from Nofashionway, dedicated, of course, to the Queen of Vogue, Anna Wintour! I paired it with my new brocade pants from H&M, that Sakis bought me as gift for Christmas! My shoes? Aren't they adorable? It was love at first sight and there were only one pair of my size, so i was lucky enough to get them! Have you noticed that i'm blonder?Yes, i'm! What is your opinion? I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

04 February, 2013

Plaid me...

After spending so many hours studying for my exams, Sakis and I had the chance to have dinner at Friday's (yummie!!!) and took some photos of our outfits! A casual outfit for day and night with my new plaid shirt which is a must have piece for this season! I paired with my leather shorts, boots, my beanie, my mother's coat that i wear more often than her and of course a statement necklace (a really must have!) from Sismade and that's it! You can also find my necklace as a bracelet! You really have to check the site girls! Do you like the result? I would love to know your thoughts about it, as always!

27 January, 2013

Inspiration time!

Today i will leave you with some photos that i found surfing in the net. So, it's inspiration time! Enjoy your Sunday with friends and relatives! Soon i will be back with a new outfit post!

24 January, 2013

You can leave your "cap" on...

My new outfit post is finally here and i'm back! This time i will show you a casual outfit, suitable for a walk under the sun! As you can see, there are many of new ins (I love sales!!!). My shoes, oxfords with a girly touch, are from Blanco, this pair of jeans was at my wish list and i was lucky enough to find it for 12.99 euros (yes you read it well!) and as for my cap is on  my fav colour for this season and it's from wool! The sweater i wear is so cosy and it can keep you warm these days without wearing a jacket! I have to introduce you also to a new greek e-shop, called Sismade! Two girls make great jewellery in affortable prices for us! The necklace i wear is from their last collection and you can find it here!
To make an outfit special don't forget to add your character in it and add a detail to make it different!

08 January, 2013

Black & white stripes

Goodmorning!!! New outfit post with some of my new ins! I can tell you that during this photoshoot, was reaaaaaally cold, that was for sure, but i like the result! I combined my leather shorts and my shirt with black and white stripes, gifts from my girls for my nameday! A classic combination but inspired from the trends of this season! My velvet bag is one more gift from Sakis and i really love it, the golden details make it unique! The necklace is from the last collection of the designer Erica Leftheri (amazing collection, you have to check it!). Thank you for your comments and i really wait for your thoughts about this outfit! Don't forget to make simple, chic and classic outfits everyday that make your day!

04 January, 2013

2013 wishes for fashion!

Hello guys! I would like to wish you a Happy and Fashionable year! I hope you had great time during holidays! As for me, it was a chance to relax a little bit and have fun with my relatives and friends but now i'm back to show you some of my gifts for my nameday that it was at Christmas' Eve! The boots that i was looking for, are a gift from my mother! It was such a surprise that i found them after 2 months of searching and in a special price! The burgundy new love (aka my sweater) is from my mother too! Furthermore, the camo pants, a must have, for this season is a gift (one of many!!!) that Sakis made me! So, i made a casual outfit with a touch of gold! My ring is from the new collection that Erica Leftheri has created and i think that is amazing piece and the bracelet is from the last collection of Eleftheria's Papadaki! So, enjoy the new outfit post and i wish you the best for this year! As always, i'm waiting for your thoughts!

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