27 January, 2013

Inspiration time!

Today i will leave you with some photos that i found surfing in the net. So, it's inspiration time! Enjoy your Sunday with friends and relatives! Soon i will be back with a new outfit post!

24 January, 2013

You can leave your "cap" on...

My new outfit post is finally here and i'm back! This time i will show you a casual outfit, suitable for a walk under the sun! As you can see, there are many of new ins (I love sales!!!). My shoes, oxfords with a girly touch, are from Blanco, this pair of jeans was at my wish list and i was lucky enough to find it for 12.99 euros (yes you read it well!) and as for my cap is on  my fav colour for this season and it's from wool! The sweater i wear is so cosy and it can keep you warm these days without wearing a jacket! I have to introduce you also to a new greek e-shop, called Sismade! Two girls make great jewellery in affortable prices for us! The necklace i wear is from their last collection and you can find it here!
To make an outfit special don't forget to add your character in it and add a detail to make it different!

08 January, 2013

Black & white stripes

Goodmorning!!! New outfit post with some of my new ins! I can tell you that during this photoshoot, was reaaaaaally cold, that was for sure, but i like the result! I combined my leather shorts and my shirt with black and white stripes, gifts from my girls for my nameday! A classic combination but inspired from the trends of this season! My velvet bag is one more gift from Sakis and i really love it, the golden details make it unique! The necklace is from the last collection of the designer Erica Leftheri (amazing collection, you have to check it!). Thank you for your comments and i really wait for your thoughts about this outfit! Don't forget to make simple, chic and classic outfits everyday that make your day!

04 January, 2013

2013 wishes for fashion!

Hello guys! I would like to wish you a Happy and Fashionable year! I hope you had great time during holidays! As for me, it was a chance to relax a little bit and have fun with my relatives and friends but now i'm back to show you some of my gifts for my nameday that it was at Christmas' Eve! The boots that i was looking for, are a gift from my mother! It was such a surprise that i found them after 2 months of searching and in a special price! The burgundy new love (aka my sweater) is from my mother too! Furthermore, the camo pants, a must have, for this season is a gift (one of many!!!) that Sakis made me! So, i made a casual outfit with a touch of gold! My ring is from the new collection that Erica Leftheri has created and i think that is amazing piece and the bracelet is from the last collection of Eleftheria's Papadaki! So, enjoy the new outfit post and i wish you the best for this year! As always, i'm waiting for your thoughts!

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