06 March, 2013

Mens' flair is ON!

After some months working on Chic of you, we decided and we really worked about this project, to add a new section on our blog. So now, there is "Womens' affair" part for fashionable ladies and "Mens' flair" part for handsome gentlemen ang together they are CHIC OF YOU! But for more details, Sakis is responsible for that, so keep on reading and discover our new and improved f-blog!

Follow your dreams


I used to be behind the photoshoots of Jenny's, the designing of blog and I was also a guest on some posts, but as lover of fashion too I found a different way and more close to me to become a really active member of this blog! My new column called "Mens' flair" it would be a mixture of products and some ideas for outfits witch you can find at online shops and not only!
I hope to support this section too that we are launching today in our new and fresh blog!

Simplicity is the key


3. T-Shirt: www.asos.com | Direct link
4. Leather Belt: www.hm.com | Direct link 

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