29 August, 2013

Number "86"

Hello guys! It's really hard to post more frequently during summer in Greece and to be honest it wasn't a really easy going summer for me but now, I'm ok! So "numbers" are the new big trend and you have to investigate to one top, for sure! I prefered the black edition but I think that I will go for others, too! The sneakers are new ins and they are gift for my birthday! A simple, casual black and white outfit with a touch of leo to make it a little bit more special! Enjoy the post guys and let me know your thoughts!

13 August, 2013

Paisley Trend!

Hello guys with a new outfit post in the mens' section! I bought this pair of shorts with paisley that Jenny found for me during the sales period from Zara as the patterns are a trend for men too and she insisted to buy it. It wasn't difficult to pair it, so I kept the rest of the outfit in basic tones, especially white and a touch of brown and I created an easy going outfit for summer. Enjoy the new post and have a great rest of summer!

07 August, 2013

The power of the flowers!

New outfit post finally on the blog with two of my new ins! This pencil skirt full of flowers and my new black wedges, both of them from Zara! I kept simple the rest of the outfit and I gave space to the skirt to shine! As you can see, I changed a little bit my hair and I followed the ombre trend that i really love! I hope that you will enjoy my new outfit post and I will back with a new one soon!

01 August, 2013

Sales Treasures!

Thanks God it's sales time! These are my new ins since my last visit to the shops! Finally, I got my hands on these white oxford style shoes and I couldn't resist to follow the "dot" trend, so I bought these t-shirts form H&M and Zara. 

Simplicity is the key


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