07 February, 2014

Inspiration Time: "Like the old days"

So these are some photos that caught my eye this week and I wanted to share with you. 
Hope you like their style and inspire you on your outfit!
I' m very happy for our return and I hope to be close to us with the same response!

sources: Pinterest, tumblr.com

Simplicity is the key


05 February, 2014

Let's fill the new page...

New post, new camera, new page in my life! After a difficult summer and some changes in my life, we are back with Sakis as we really missed this blog and the way of creating a post! As you can see, from the photos, a new babe has come to our "home", our new Nikon and we are so excited! I don't want to promise you that I will be a great blogger and I will post every day but I will give my best and that is for sure, for Sakis too!
As for the outfit, it's a combination of grey, black and burgundy! Almost everything is new and I think that my style has changed a little bit! I think that I'm a huge fan of minimalism now and I love to add just a touch of colour on my outfits!
So, we are so glad to be back to this blog and it would be great for us to enjoy the same support of you as during the past!

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