We are Sakis & Jenny and this is our blog dedicated to fashion for ladies and gentlemen. Chic of you is a way of expression of our style and of our everyday fashion routine. Some words for ourselves now...

I' m Jenny, a financial student and lover of the magical world of fashion. As a child, i used to wear my mother's heels and gloss and posing for relatives but now I 'm posing for our fashion blog. For you that you already follow me, you know my style but for our new readers I just have to tell you that my style is all about "mix n' match". Everday I don't know what to wear but let me tell you that you can discover fashion behind almost everything and you can make something old and buried on your wardrobe look so fresh and fashionable

I 'm Sakis, a graphic designer, lover of art, and fan of fashion. I always used to be but the last four years, I 'm really into this (Yes, Jenny is responsible for that!). Working behind "Chic of you" was a pleasure for me because this blog was always our creation. After thought and working on magazines some years, blogging was close to my preferences and my hobbies. Nowadays, blogs have the strength to make the difference and I think that they are a way of art so I couldn't resist of being part of them.
So, we hope you 'll enjoy our blog and will offer you some inspiration to create your unique outfits!

Be our guests!


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  2. Great blog I went as fair back as July 7th! You have a great style and your boyfriend too! My Husband takes all my photos, (well I used a tempos 2x) one of my favorite Greek Bloggers is heelsofmypassion.com she's awesome too! :) Hugs!


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